Thursday, July 29, 2010

Epic burgers

Have you ever wondered how much of your favorite stuff you could fit on AND IN a burger?

Tonight I made cheddar and bacon stuffed jalapeno burgers with avocado and mayo.

I'm trying to lose 25 pounds.  After several weeks of crappy eating, I'm going back to what works for me - one big, primal, low-carb meal a day.  I've had a killer headache (we call that the "low-carb flu") and wanted to make myself something awesome for dinner, and use my brand new Le Creuset pan for it

Isn't she pretty?  It's the 3.5 quart braiser/casserole, in Cassis.
I started out by chopping some bacon (thank goodness for kitchen shears) and cooking it.

Her first batch of bacon!  It's quite a milestone.
I mixed 1.75 lbs ground beef with 2 diced jalapenos, lots of onion powder, lots of black pepper, some chili powder, and a little garlic powder.  I shaped it into 8 really thin patties.  I smushed cheddar and bacon between two patties, sealing the edges, to make 4 giant burgers.

Don't know if you can see it, but the top one has a little bit of a leak.  It didn't matter much.

I served Husband's on bread with mayo, field greens from our CSA, and avocado.

Mine was basically the same, but without the bread, and with a lot more field greens.  Look at that cheesy bacony goodness in the middle!
I ended up eating two of them.  That's 14 ounces of beef (raw weight) if you're counting, and about 1.5 ounces of cheese and 2.5 slices of bacon.  I'm sure the pan has finally cooled down now (that thing stays warm forever!) so I should go clean it.

On another note, now that I'll be posting pictures here and not just facebook, maybe I should start using my real camera instead of my Droid.  But you have to admit, those aren't terrible pictures for a phone.

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