Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anyone else enjoying Starcraft II?

I just wanted to mention that I am actually having a lot of fun playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, despite my complete lack of skill in RTS games.

The story is excellent and the game really immerses you in it - every board you play feels like it's contributing to the progression of the plot.  There's corny humor, and cheesy romance, and a bit of an old western feel (hmm, a western in space starring a hunky and lovable rebel... this sounds familiar... except in SC2 there are aliens, and far fewer women).  The characters are fun, the voice acting is good... and as with all Blizzard games, there are a few knock-your-socks-off cinematics.

And the achievements... oh, the achievements.  I'm a total achievements-whore.  My blood elf shadow priest was "the explorer," and had "/love"-ed all those animals.  When the new Plants vs. Zombies achievements came out on Steam yesterday, I instantly started working on them.  And the plethora of achievements means many, many hours of replayability.

Basically, as usual, I agree with Morgan Webb's review

So if you play as well, I'd love to add you to my friends, so I can get all jealous when you get more achievement points than me.  Comment here, or friend me on facebook (since you can request all your facebook friends with the click of a button).

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