Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meatballs in blue cheese sauce... meh

On Monday I attempted to make the Meatballs in Blue Cheese Sauce "recipe" from Free the Animal.

I added some garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper to my ground beef.  It was about 1.75 lbs.

Meatballs starting to cook in a mixture of bacon grease and olive oil.
Here's my choice of blue cheese.  I should mention I don't know anything about blue cheese at all.  It was an impulse buy at Greenstar, the local natural foods co-op.

Once the meatballs were cooked I set them aside and realized that between the fat I started with and the fat that came out of the beef, I had a lot of freaking fat sitting there in the pan.  I filtered it into the jar you see in the photo below... I'll use it to cook something else eventually.  I know some people say the fat from ground beef tastes bad, but I disagree, and I can't figure out why it would taste worse than other beef fat.  *shrug*  I added stock to the pan to make the sauce... it's turkey stock because that's the only homemade stock I had.

Once the stock was slightly reduced (but not nearly enough - oops) I added blue cheese.  Probably over 3 ounces.  I cooked a while longer until all the cheese chunks were melted and the sauce was nice and smooth, stirred in some butter, then added the meatballs back in.  At this point, my phone refused to take a decent photograph.

I turned off the heat and stirred in some sour cream, maybe 3 tbsp.  My camera kept acting up, but here it is (sorta), along with the balsamic braised kale I made.  I put the meatballs in a bowl because the sauce was a lot thinner than I would have liked.

I vowed that next time, I would use the real camera.

They were ok, but I think I used too much blue cheese.  After eating one bowl of them I was really sick of the flavor.  It was a cool idea, and I might try it again, with beef stock and less cheese.

Why am I eating at my computer desk, you ask?  See the previous post.  =]

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