Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traffic light veggie sautee

I'll be honest, this is too simple to call it a recipe.  But it makes for some pretty pictures.

This "recipe" is inspired by things my parents used to cook during the summer when I was growing up.  My dad still makes something like this - I remember him cooking it for me and Matt a couple years ago, to go with his famous cornmeal-and-rosemary-breaded perch.

My parents would buy vegetables from farm stands on the way home from work in the summer, so when it hit the point in the summer where these particular ones were cheap and plentiful, this sort of thing would appear.  My dad worked a lot of overtime, so he didn't cook all the time, but he did the majority of the grilling.  So while he was grilling, he and my mom would throw this together inside on the stove.

Ingredients: green bell peppers, yellow summer squash, red tomatoes.  Use whatever you've got, of course, but if you have 3 colors, it makes it so much prettier.

In a large pan, heat your fat of choice over medium-ish - I used duck fat.  (Yup, I'm STILL using up the fat from that duck.)  Throw in the vegetables.  All of them.  At the same time. 

See how pretty this is?
Cook, stirring occasionally, until the peppers and squash are soft enough.  At first, the tomatoes will release a frightening amount of juice.  But that juice will mix with the fat and reduce into a sauce that coats the other vegetables, and it will look like this picture. 

Less pretty, but more yummy. 
Feel free to peel your tomatoes if you don't want bits of skin in it, but they don't bother me.

You can just season it with salt and pepper.  Garlic is a nice touch - I used garlic powder this time because I forgot about it until it was already done cooking.  Or, do something more creative, and tell me about it in the comments.

Last weekend I actually had time to check out the u-pick section at the farm where I pick up my CSA vegetables.  We have u-pick privileges at 3 different farms included in the price of our share.  I came out with cherry tomatoes, basil, and dill.  I didn't plan on picking flowers, but a few of these were so big and fluffy that I had to take them, even if they were a bit past their prime.  They remind me of muppets.

I used my phone, since I wanted to play around with the changes to the camera UI that came with the new "froyo" update.  This made it difficult to really capture the colors.  Also, see that Munchkin box?  Who's up for a game?  It's been too long.

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  1. Ive just come across your site. Just to let you know Ive added you to my links. Great recipes!